‘A Hidden Order’ CD Out NOW!!!!

A Hidden Order - Cover

Good people of the multiverse, I’m very, very pleased to present to you my first release in some time – ‘A Hidden Order’, a collaboration with geometer Sama Mara. The project, in essence, is a study on the relationship between music and geometry. Through the use of a new system devised by Sama whereby music is translated into visuals through a set of rigorous geometric principles, we have been exploring the space where these two worlds meet harmoniously. The album ‘A Hidden Order’ features a new suite of 10 pieces for a mixed ensemble of flute (Philippe Barnes), cor anglais (Suzie Shrubb), marimba/percussion (Adam Bushell) and cello (Susie Winkworth). The music was composed alongside the imagery, one feeding into the other. This release is available on CD (a very limited edition press of 150 copies in 4-page digipack with 16-page booklet featuring documentation of the compositional process alongside details of the accompanying artwork), and as digital download, HERE.

The exhibition ‘A Hidden Order’ will take place at the Prince’s School Of Traditional Arts, Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, between 20th-29th March. Live performances (a multimedia concert of live music and realtime visualisation) will take place in the exhibition space on 20th & 27th March, 7pm, £8/5. Tickets are available HERE.

Octagon I – Flute & Marimba

Here’s the first video from the exhibition/album ‘A Hidden Order’, a collaboration between myself and geometer Sama Mara.

The exhibition will run between 19th-28th March @ The Prince’s School Of Traditional Arts, Shoreditch, with live performances on 20th & 28th March.

The album ‘A Hidden Order’ will be available for download right here from the beginning of March.

‘Dear Little Emmie’ Trailer Coming Very Soon….

I’ve just this minute been sent the first full render of the trailer for ‘Dear Little Emmie’, an animation by Adam Oehlers (yes indeedy, the very same man who did the artwork for my debut album ‘To Sleep’) featuring music by yours truly. I’m assured that the final cut is only days away, and I can’t wait to be able to share it with you! In the meantime, here’s a little snapshot from the trailer as a taster for what’s in store –

ghost emmie

For more regular updates, visit the Dear Little Emmie Facebook Page

‘A Hidden Order’ in Islamic Arts Magazine

Islamic Arts Magazine have published an article about the upcoming ‘A Hidden Order’ exhibition, with specifics about the show, some previews of the artwork and the teaser video –


Sound And Music ‘Portfolio’ Homepage + ‘New Voices’ Featured Composer

Here is a link to the Sound And Music ‘Portfolio’ scheme homepage, through which I’ve been commissioned to write a new work for London-based choir MusArc, for performance this Summer in The Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey. Lots of other cool composers and improvisers on the scheme, so check it out.


In conjunction with this, Sound And Music have made me one of their ‘New Voices’ featured composers for 2014-2015, under which a selection of my works will be published by Composers Edition. Basically, well chuffed.

‘A Hidden Order’ Promo Video

Just a little teaser for the exhibition and accompanying album…

‘A Hidden Order’ Recording Session

After having received Arts Council support for the Music & Geometry project ‘A Hidden Order’, we went into the studio recently to record the compositions which will be used to create the visuals for the exhibition. A suite of 10 pieces for mixed ensemble including flute (Philippe Barnes), cor anglais (Suzie Shrubb), marimba/percussion (Adam Bushell) & cello (Susie Winkworth), we took over the Conker Room in Barcombe for a couple of days and worked like madmen (and women) to get everything done on time, draining engineer Danny Bright of every last drop of energy, as always! The recordings are sounding great, looking forward to their release early next year. I’ll be posting some videos up here soon with music and visuals working together, as a little precursor to the exhibition in March.'A Hidden Order' recording session, Barcombe, Dec 2013

Dizraeli & The Small Gods Nominated For 2 Songlines Music Awards!

An exciting day for the Small Gods – we’ve been nominated for 2 Songlines Music Awards (Best Group, Best Cross-cultural Project)!!! So please, people, get your voting gloves on, cos we need your help! Check out the link below. Please forward it to your mates, your mum, your grandma, your grandma’s buddies, etc. Also, by voting you get the chance to win tickets to next year’s Womad Festival. Nice.


Meanwhile, here’s a little thank you video from us to all the people who came out and supported us this year, or checked out our new album.

Music & Geometry Project Receives Arts Council Funding

It is finally safe to announce that the Music & Geometry project has been awarded an Arts Council grant! This means that the project can move ahead with full force, no holds barred, and also means we’ll be devising a workshop which we can take to schools in the new year.

The exhibition will be held at the Prince’s School Of Traditional Arts, Shoreditch, between 19th and 28th of March. Live performances are set to take place on the 19th, 20th and 27th. Get it in your diaries, folks!

RIP Araucaria

A very sad day indeed. Here’s to the greatest of setters. It won’t be the same knowing we won’t find your mischievous name beneath a crossword again! You’ll be sorely missed.