Here are links to some blogs and articles I’ve written over the years. Click on the titles or the images to be taken to the webpages that host them…


‘Barricades’ – Remembering Cable Street

Written for: Making Music
Date: 06/10/16
About: My final blog about working with the East London Community Band as part of the ‘Adopt A Composer’ scheme.

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Intraversing – An Autobiography Of The Bassoon

Written for: LSO
Date: 25/07/16
About: A short blog I wrote about my piece ‘Intraversing’ for three bassoons, which was composed for Phase I of the LSO Soundhub scheme.

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‘How I Compose’ series – I – Lee Westwood

Written for: British Music Collection
Date: 21/07/16
About: In this first article for the ‘How I Compose’ series, I discuss how I went about writing ‘…and the stars were like pinpricks in the black fabric of night…’

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Lee Westwood – ‘How I Compose’ series – The secret art(s) of composition

Written for: British Music Collection
Date: 20/05/16
About: Introductory article for the ‘How I Compose’ series.

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Meet The Artist… Lee Westwood, Composer & Guitarist

Written for: The Cross-Eyed Pianist
Date: 23/06/16
About: An interview for the Cross-Eyed Pianist.

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Meet The Composer: Lee Westwood

Written for: LSO
Date: 20/05/16
About: An interview for Phase I of the LSO Soundhub.

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Carols, conductor games, & community wind bands

Written for: Making Music
Date: 14/01/16
About: My first blog for the Adopt A Composer scheme, whilst working with the East London Community Band.

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Questions: After Cage, After Study, After All…

Written for: Sound and Music
Date: 18/08/15
About: This was a piece I wrote during my time composing a new work for vibraphonist Joby Burgess on Sound and Music’s Portfolio scheme ‘Aluminium Music’.

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Lee Westwood on MusArc

Written for: Sound and Music
Date: 09/12/14
About: I wrote this piece in the run-up to MusArc’s premiere of ‘The Artchitect’, a piece I wrote for them under Sound and Music’s Portfolio scheme.


A Hidden Order

Written for: Sound and Music
Date: 09/06/14
About: An article I wrote for Sound and Music about my project ‘A Hidden Order’ and the relationship between Music and Geometry.