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Steve Aston Score Archive

For a number of years I had the great honour and privilege of working with my beautiful friend, the guitarist and composer Steve Aston, on a series of transcriptions and arrangements of his music.

With Steve’s passing, I wanted to make sure all of his scores didn’t end up getting lost or forgotten, but instead were readily available to anyone who wanted to use them to perform, record or simply enjoy playing through his wonderful and distinctive compositions.

The following PDFs are the editions of his music as we left them, signed off by himself, and have had no further amendments made to them by myself or anyone else. I’ve also added links to his website and bandcamp, where you can hear and read more.

Please share this treasure trove of his imagination with friends and fellow musicians, learn, perform, programme for others to hear, and help keep his music and his memory alive.

photo by Caley Groves





Baro’s Ferret – Concert PDF

Baro’s Ferret – Guitar PDF

Baro’s Ferret – Violin PDF


Grimaldi Reprise – Concert PDF

Grimaldi Reprise – Guitar PDF

Grimaldi Reprise – Violin PDF


La Terrace De La Plage –¬†Guitar PDF

La Terrace De La Plage – Violin PDF


Laika – Guitar PDF

Laika – Violin PDF


Magali – Concert PDF

Magali – Guitar PDF

Magali – Violin PDF


Marsh Hollow – Guitar PDF

Marsh Hollow – Violin PDF


Waltz For Gogo – Concert PDF

Waltz For Gogo – Gutiar


Waltz For Grimaldi – Concert PDF

Waltz For Grimaldi – Guitar PDF

Waltz For Grimaldi – Violin PDF


Swing Tunes

Bluebell – In Bb PDF

Bluebell – In C PDF


Lee Van Cleef – In Bb PDF

Lee Van Cleef – In C PDF


Pryorism – In Bb PDF

Pryorism – In C PDF


Solo Piano Arrangements

La Tarrace De La Plage – Solo Piano PDF

Laika – Solo Piano PDF

Waltz For Gogo – Solo Piano PDF

Waltz For Grimaldi – Solo Piano PDF


Piano & Bass Clarinet Arrangements

Anne Boleyn – Bass Clarinet Part PDF

Anne Boleyn – Score PDF


Baro’s Ferret – Bass Clarinet Part PDF

Baro’s Ferret – Score PDF