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Nimzo Studio

A Hidden Order

Noise Peddler

Noise Peddler is the electronic duo of Brighton-based composers / guitarists Danny Bright and Lee Westwood. A symmetrical duo of no-input pedalboards transmitting part-composed, part-improvised soundscapes, their music involves the re-appropriation of guitar effects, informed by their unique approaches to instrumental and electroacoustic music. The result is a performance where pedals are the signal generator, …

Le Juki

Steve Aston Score Archive

For a number of years I had the great honour and privilege of working with my beautiful friend, the guitarist and composer Steve Aston, on a series of transcriptions and arrangements of his music. With Steve’s passing, I wanted to make sure all of his scores didn’t end up getting lost or forgotten, but instead …

Cryptic Crosswords

Click the crosswords to be taken to the download page. – Cryptic Crossword No. 5 set by Scarbo – LSO Soundhub Special ANSWERS Cryptic Crossword No. 4 set by Scarbo ANSWERS Cryptic Crossword No. 3 set by Scarbo ANSWERS Cryptic Crossword No. 2 set by Scarbo ANSWERS Cryptic Crossword No. 1 set by Scarbo (WARNING …