Miniatures For Orchestra

I’m currently working on the orchestration of my Piano Miniatures. Mov. II ‘Parallels’ first draft completed today, 3 more to go. Then I’ve just got to find an orchestra who’s up for playing them…Miniatures - Parallels - Orchestration Photo

Musarc Interview Success!!!

Very, very pleased to be able to say I’ve been selected to work with London-based choir Musarc on a new composition, to be performed next summer! I’ll be 1 of 3 composers to collaborate with the choir over the course of the next 12 months. Time to get my thinking cap on…

You can learn more about Musarc HERE

‘To Sleep (Farwell Songs)’ – Free Download

For one week only, my 2006 debut album ‘To Sleep (Farewell Songs)’ can be downloaded for absolutely free. Click on the image below to be taken to the download page, or alternatively visit the music page of this site –

Cover Square

Album Re-Releases

Over the next few months I’ll be re-releasing my back catalogue, one album a month. First up will be my 2006 debut album To Sleep. For the first week of each release, you’ll be able to download it from the music page for free – subsequent to that it will be on sale at the usual price, so grab a free download of it while you can!

‘To Sleep (Farewell Songs)’ will be available to download for free from 1st September.


I’m super-chuffed to have got an interview with London-based choir Musarc, through the Sound & Music Portfolio programme. Will be meeting with them on Tues, so fingers and toes crossed. With a strong interest in the involvement of space and architecture in their performances, they’re inviting just 4 composers to collaborate with them over the course of a year on new works, to be premiered in Summer 2014. However it goes, you should check out their site –

Part God Part Lion

I’ll be performing today in the premiere of a new work by Dizraeli & Cate Ferris – a beautifully soulful piece for 10-part choir and percussion, marking the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s famous speech. We’ll be opening the show at the Southbank Centre’s Riverside Terrace, tonight at 7pm. Free entry, come if you can, it’s a beautiful sunny day!

New Website – Under Construction

Welcome to my new site – it’s very much under construction at the moment, but for now hopefully the bare bones of content will suffice to make it functional… Thanks for your patience!