‘Extraversing’ Premiere @ LSO St Luke’s

Here’s a video from the premiere of ‘Extraversing’ for bassoon & ensemble, performed by members of the LSO in February this year at LSO St Lukes. This piece was kindly commissioned through the LSO Soundbub.

‘A Hidden Order’ @ Edinburgh International Science Festival

‘A Hidden Order’ will be exhibiting at the Edinburgh International Science Festival for the next couple of weeks. If anyone’s in the neighbourhood, do check it out – we have a selection of our prints on display alongside two video installations, as well as an interactive room where you can turn your own music into geometric patterns!

‘The Architect’ + MusArc on BBC Radio 3

Check out this Radio 3 feature on MusArc, which includes an excerpt of my piece ‘The Architect’ which I wrote for them in 2014.

‘Vignettes EP’ – OUT TODAY

In 2013, after a long period of working on the ‘A Hidden Order’ exhibition, I was brimming with musical ideas which weren’t suitable for that project, and were dying to find their own way out into the world. To satisfy this need, I dove straight into composing, emerging with a suite of 13 pieces for flute and oboe/cor anglais. Many of the movements took on the form of a hocketed, intimate dialogue between the two voices, and as, over the years, I had always been fond of the long talks I shared regularly with my Nan, I decided to dedicate the suite to her.

A couple of years later, in the Spring of 2015, the engineer Danny Bright and I took a selection of these pieces into the studio with Philippe Barnes (flute) and Suzie Shrubb (oboe), two fantastic musicians and close friends of mine, who poured their energies into the recorded performances which I’m thrilled to present to you today. This EP represents the third in a series of EPs, each complete with beautiful original artwork by Jules Arthur.

Unfortunately, over the last few months, my Nan’s health steeply deteriorated, and she passed away shortly after Christmas. Aside from being a close relative and a great friend, my Nan was also a very hip lady, whose deep passion for Jazz had a huge impact on my own musical leanings, and irreversibly shaped the way I approach my own work. Today would have been her 84th birthday, so it seems an apt time to offer this music to the world.

The ‘Vignettes’ EP will be available for free download for the next month from my Bandcamp page, so get your mitts on it now…

This recording was kindly supported by the organisation Sound and Music.

‘Intraversing’ for three bassoons

Over the first half of this year I composed a piece called ‘Intraversing’ for three bassoons, which was commissioned through the LSO. In this work, the instruments traverse a musical landscape built from their own sonic blueprint. Here is a video of the premiere performance by LSO bassoonists Dan Jemison, Joost Bosdijk and Dom Tyler, conducted by Darren Bloom at LSO St Luke’s, Old Street, London on 19th June 2016.

‘Extraversing’ Premiere @ LSO St Luke’s, 11th Feb

For the last few months I’ve been hard at work writing a second piece for the LSO Soundhub. Dedicated to the bassoonist Joost Bosdijk, ‘Extraversing’ for bassoon & ensemble is a direct response to the bassoon trio I composed early last year (‘Intraversing’). ‘Extraversing’ will be premiered this Saturday (Feb 11th) at LSO St Luke’s, Old Street, London, 7pm. View the Facebook event page HERE.

‘Barricades’ on BBC Radio 3

Honoured to have a short feature on BBC Radio 3, where you can hear excerpts from my new piece ‘Barricades’, along with interviews from conductor Matthew Hardy, members of the East London Community Band, and myself. You can hear the programme for a short while HERE.

‘Florescence’ Premiere – Riot Ensemble

Here’s the premiere performance of my piece ‘Florescence’, commissioned and performed by the Riot Ensemble in Brighton, 29/10/16.

‘Florescence’ – Riot Ensemble Premiere – 29th Oct

Over this Summer I’ve been working like a literal madman on a new piece for the Riot Ensemble, for inclusion in their Micrographia concert in Brighton this month. ‘Florescence’ is scored for flute (+ alto), viola, electric guitar, harp, piano-4-hands and percussion. I’m sure I don’t speak for me alone when I assert that every write is just that bit harder than the last, as if the more you learn, the more difficult it is to compose. Well, this piece has, for me, been a real testament to that, and while all the ideas were pretty much there from the outset, getting it all out onto the page really knocked me for six! Really looking forward to hearing what the Riot Ensemble make of it on the 29th Oct, 7pm, @ St Nicholas’ Church, Brighton. MORE INFO HERE.


‘The Visitor’ EP – OUT TODAY

‘The Visitor’ EP – the second in a series of releases featuring chamber works from the past 6 or 7 years – is out now! And better still, you can download it for FREE for the next month, so get your skates on! Featuring the wonderful playing of Susie Winkworth (cello) and Adam Swayne (piano), and beautiful artwork by Jules Arthur. DOWNLOAD IT HERE!