‘Florescence’ – Riot Ensemble Premiere – 29th Oct

Over this Summer I’ve been working like a literal madman on a new piece for the Riot Ensemble, for inclusion in their Micrographia concert in Brighton this month. ‘Florescence’ is scored for flute (+ alto), viola, electric guitar, harp, piano-4-hands and percussion. I’m sure I don’t speak for me alone when I assert that every write is just that bit harder than the last, as if the more you learn, the more difficult it is to compose. Well, this piece has, for me, been a real testament to that, and while all the ideas were pretty much there from the outset, getting it all out onto the page really knocked me for six! Really looking forward to hearing what the Riot Ensemble make of it on the 29th Oct, 7pm, @ St Nicholas’ Church, Brighton. MORE INFO HERE.