To Sleep

To Sleep

Instrumentation – steel-string guitar

Duration – c.3’39”

Written in Rennes/Brighton 2005

First performed by Lee Westwood, time and place unknown


Having moved to Brighton to study at Sussex University in 2000, and having had a particularly difficult time over those years, I had resolved to move to France, and to make the journey by bicycle. This resolution, sod’s law, had come just prior to things actually beginning to get a whole lot better for me (and, in fact, not long after having made the decision, I was invited by Philippe Barnes to record my debut album ‘To Sleep’). Regardless, I decided to follow through with my intentions. Needless to say the plans I’d made for my emigration were less than realistic, and the experience as a whole, despite being extremely formative, was often one of notable hardship. So, after 3 weeks, many trials, and many, many more miles, I was living in a hostel in Rennes. My determination and my finances worn down to the bone, and being forced to leave the hostel at 8.30am each day with nowhere else to go but wonder, exhausted, through the streets in the rain, I arrived at the mental and physical state perfect for writing this tune.