Tales Of Hungary

Tales Of Hungary

Instrumentation – flute & steel-string guitar

Duration – c.10′

Arranged in Brighton 2004

First performed by Lee Westwood (guitar) and Philippe Barnes (flute) downstairs at The Globe Pub, Brighton, 2006

I – Fúdd El Jó Szél (Blow Away Good Wind)
II – Esteli Imádsag (A Night Prayer)


Arrangements for flute & steel-string guitar of 2 traditional Hungarian folk tunes. I was introduced to a great deal of Hungarian music through my friend Sylvia Saunders. Both these pieces appear on the album ‘Skanzen’ by the Hungarian folk group Makam. These, in effect, are my arrangements of their arrangements of traditional Hungarian tunes (most likely for unaccompanied voice in their original form). Before their incarnation as works for flute and guitar, they were performed a great deal as accompanied songs by my myself and Sylvia Saunders, in our Hungarian folk group Keszi.