Dear Little Emmie

Dear Little Emmie

Instrumentation – steel-string guitar

Duration – c.5’41”

Written in Brighton 2005

First performed by Lee Westwood, time and place unknown


Dedicated to Adam Oehlers. At this time my closest friend became a manager of a pub in Brighton called The Hampton. Associated with the pub and its staff were a whole host of fantastic musicians and artists (not uncommon in Brighton), one of which being the Australian artist Adam Oehlers (I commissioned Adam, the following year, to create the artwork for my album ‘To Sleep’), who lived upstairs. I would sit in his living room often, spending long hours studying a painting of his called ‘Dear Little Emmie’ (the story behind which is too long to recount here, but suffice to say it was a ghost story), and eventually decided to write a piece of music to accompany the painting and story (later to be joined by a sculpture, two graphic novels and the trailer to an intended animation on the same character). The composition follows the contours of the narrative in a musically descriptive and literal manner.