Instrumentation – Bb clarinet, temple blocks & piano

Duration – c.2’48”

Written in Brighton, June 2015


‘Canon’ was written for a composition game played amongst friends. It was also composed as a study for ‘…and the stars were like pinpricks in the black fabric of night…’, commissioned by Ed Hughes’ ensemble New Music Players as part of their 2015 concert series. The work follows the premise of the title only in that the melodic material is cyclical, and by the fact that the clarinet always precedes the piano (until the final bars) in its use of these pitches. The overlapping entries of repeated notes in the piano part alone also offers a canonic treatment of the tone row. Aside from these points, melodic contour varies both between the voices, and from cycle to cycle, continually giving emphasis to different pitches through a fluid dynamic, rhythm and use of register.