Instrumentation – steel-string guitar

Duration – c.3’25”

Written in Brighton 2006

First performed by Lee Westwood, time and place unknown


Having been a heavy smoker for years, my ability to quit depended greatly on replacing it with something else, something focused. This thing turned out to be swimming, which I embraced with great fervour, often making two trips to the local leisure centre each day. On one occasion, cruising along the swimming lane with my goggles on, I spied something at the bottom of the pool. Most often, if you see something at the bottom of the pool, you don’t want to know what it is. But on this occasion, for whatever reason, I was drawn to it, and so, diving down through the water’s murky gloom, there to greet me at the bottom was the queen’s head, smiling off of the surface of a £5 note.